Power Quality Survey

Harmonics Testing

  1. Caused by the switching or disruption of the normal 60 cycle sine wave.
  2. Tripling harmonics 3rd, 9th or 15th
  3. Motor rotation.
  4. Annoying verses destructive harmonics.

Power Monitoring Options

  • LB Electric can offer many options to help you monitor your energy usage as well as the power quality of your system.
  • LB Electric will customize your site to allow readings of voltages, currents, harmonics and much more of your power distribution system.
  • With Power Measurement software, we can customize your system to provide you with email or pager warning in case there is a power disturbance or a specified voltage or current is reached.

Industrial Machinery Electrical Preventive Maintenance Check NFPA 70B(4.5.2)

Remove power from machine and lock-out/tag-out all power sources OSHA 1910.333(b)



Enclosures and Drives

  1. Remove dust from interior and components by vacuuming if possible. NFPA 70B 9-2.1.1
  2. Inspect components/wiring for evidence of overheating or damage. NFPA 70B 9-7.4
  3. Check that terminal screws on devices/strips are not loose. NFPA 70B 9-3.2


  1. Manually operate breakers/contractors to ensure proper working condition. NFPA 70B 9-4.5
  2. Check that all devices are labeled. NFPA 79 4.9
  3. Check overload settings and fuse sizes. NFPA 70B 9-7.3
  4. Check push buttons/switches for smooth operation and integrity. NFPA 70B 9-8.2(b)
  5. Check for any unused openings in enclosures and that enclosures can be correctly closed. OSHA 1910.305(b)(1)
  6. Ensure disconnect is legibly marked to indicate purpose (unless evident). OSHA 1910.303(f)


  1. Inspect conduit/flex for integrity and supports. OSHA 1910.305(a)(1)(i)
  2. Ensure proper strain reliefs are used on cords. OSHA 1910.305(g)(2)(iii)
  3. Note any undocumented additions or changes on schematic drawings for updating. NFPA 70B 4-2.3.8

Return power to machine

  1. Check that indicators/lamps work. NFPA 70B 9-8.2(e)
  2. Ensure correct working clearances are maintained about enclosures. OSHA 1910.303(g)(i)


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