Electrical Preventive Maintenance & Testing

Electrical preventative maintenance and testing is one of the most important aspects to assure the reliability and integrity of electrical distribution systems, as well as the safety and protection of property, equipment and people. Unfortunately, not much consideration is given to its process; it is too often overlooked or performed infrequently until a power disruption, loss or disaster occurs.

LB Electric can take the complexity and frustration out of the process by offering a one-stop maintenance and testing option with the following:

The scheduled inspection, testing and maintenance of critical electrical components based on a customized schedule:

  1. Starting with a comprehensive safety plan.
  2. Testing and Maintenance frequency, depending on the type of maintenance and the environment, can vary from one to five years.
  3. Being Proactive and less Reactive.

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

  1. Ultrasound Leak Detection
  2. Transformer Oil Testing
  3. Polarization Index Testing


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